Individual Therapy

Remove the blocks

Would you like to go from feeling unlovable, and invisible to stepping into a world that is welcoming and filled with opportunity, who wouldn’t?

Individual, experiential therapy is about creating the space to do just that!

First, we must get out of our own way so we can really feel, see, touch, and sensate our inner world.

We can stay in our heads for just so long until the urge to break free becomes so strong you can’t do anything else.

Gently guided to break the chains of stuck energy

Bit by bit, piece by piece, together, we can unravel the stuff that keeps you stuck and get you free at last.

Using the gentle approach of Somatic Experiencing® I will guide you to not just talk about what hurts or feels good, but to own it and experience it through sensation. This process helps the system begin to come online until what has been incomplete becomes complete and you are restored to wholeness.

The horse’s energy will also be available during the individual therapy process. You can call on them at any time to give you an added boost and to sensate authentic connection.

You came here to heal

There is no shame in seeking help. You took the plunge despite your fears. Congratulations.

Let’s begin to reconnect, renegotiate, and discard what isn’t serving you, once and for all.

Now is the time to get the help necessary to develop inner resources and build resilience to life’s challenges. Experiential therapy can help you!

Adolescents Therapy

What a wonderful age of discovery this period of our life is, yet it can be the most unsettling.

There is a lot going on in the brain, and life can become confusing. Your head might feel like it is in the clouds and your feet aren’t planted on the ground.

Peer pressure, not fitting in, and feeling awkward socially can wear on your emotions. When you don’t have resources available to deal with it all, life can become overwhelming.

It’s all about connection, and the horses, being such gentle giants, are willing and able participants in your healing. How you ask? By being present with you and allowing their heart energy to connect with yours. There is nothing like it!

Group Therapy for Adults and Adolescents

Group therapy can be an alternative to individual therapy or an addition to individual therapy.

Group therapy can be beneficial in many ways. Group members form a bond and can give honest feedback. Knowing there are others that share the same issues can be comforting.

Exercises within the group to promote connection and coherence helps regulate your system, as well as those of the other group members. Working with the horses as a part of the “herd” can be exciting and challenging while building cohesiveness and intimacy.

What a group might look like using Equine Assisted Therapy

Week one: Introduction
Introduction of group members; observation of the horse.

Week two: Self-awareness
Body scan; noticing sensation in reference to proximity of the horses; what is going on internally in response to the horses. Continue to observe. This builds self-awareness.

Week three: Boundaries
Boundaries, what are they? How does the lack of boundaries show up in your life?

Week four: Mindfulness/Orienting through the sense of touch
Mindful grooming with a horse and human partner. Noticing being present in the moment.

Week five: Heart to Heart-building trust
Group members will connect heart to heart while noticing internal sensation and connection with horses.

Week six: Connection
Noticing connection amongst the group members and between the horses and members. The Experience Connection exercise allows you to notice what that feels like and take that with you out into the world.

Other Events
Heart’s Desire puts on Reiquine® events throughout the year. Check website periodically for postings on these.

Other groups may be formed as well if there is a need. Continue to check back for updates on new groups forming.