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Experiential & Equine-Assisted Therapy in Prescott, AZ

Humans in cooperation with horses!

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Hmm, there is an old saying about peeling the onion layer after layer until we get to the core.

The layer wants to peel off, but it hurts, and my eyes begin to sting.

The quiet voice whispers, “Go ahead, take the leap, uncover what lies beneath. Get to the next level.”

Fear interrupts and says, “But I ‘ve tried talk therapy, and it only helps temporarily.”

The quiet voice insists, “Why not explore something new, to go deeper.”

Fear says, “I don’t know. I’m not sure I can let go.”

The quiet voice persists, “Who will you be if you do? Who will you be if you don’t?”


We are wired for connection.

When there are unresolved issues, we are unable to connect to
ourselves, our world, and divine source.

Using a multifaceted approach helps people resolve old trauma responses, so
they are able to tap into their inner resources, improve focus, creativity, intuition,
and decision making.


Talking is part of healing. But so is learning to inhabit your body fully and EXPERIENCE how you truly feel.

Therapy with Hearts Desire gives you an opportunity to peel away the layers from multiple angles, allowing you to discover what works in your life, and be done with what doesn’t work.

In any given session, we might be using Somatic Experiencing ® a gentle approach to the resolution of trauma without reliving the trauma.

We may incorporate the assistance of horses through equine assisted therapy. Being in the presence of horses has been scientifically proven to promote a sense of peace and well-being.

We may also combine Reiki and equine (Reiquine®) to bring the nervous system into a more present and aware state.


Take that first step towards a happier, whole you.

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Hi, I’m Colleen.

Thanks for inviting me on this journey of discovery.

My practice, Heart’s Desire will provide a safe, nurturing environment for you to fully experience who you really are.

Underneath all the stuff is a beautiful soul just waiting to be uncovered.

I will walk alongside you and together we will discover what lies hidden and bring it to light.

No longer do you have to endure a life of living in fight, flight or freeze.

Put down the boxing gloves, throw away the running shoes and learn to experience being totally present, connected to yourself, and the world around you.

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Happy Clients

~ Jill S.

This weekend was extremely healing for my daughter and myself. I was able to heal and work on past trauma. Being unconditionally accepted by the horse and Colleen provided a safe place to release grief, trauma and rage. Thank you for the healing experience and what you have created with Heart’s Desire.

~ A Client

Colleen is very, very good at what she does! my life has improved ten fold with the work we’ve been doing. I’ve seen her one on one and attended two workshops now and have recommended her to my friends. she has a way of cutting through to the heart of a matter and can see right through my crap 😊 Truly life changing for me. I highly recommend one on one counseling and/or any of her workshops. AND working with the horses is nothing short of amazing. Scarlett and Mo tell it like it is.

~ Barry

Equine Therapy helped me calm my feelings of shame and failure. By working with horses that saw me for me, I didn’t have to come across as the hero.

~ Ken K.

The Equine Therapy I received was the piece that allowed me to open up. Colleen had the ability to see and understand my issues. As we processed the session, Colleen asked me questions that ultimately helped me understand what was keeping me from opening up. After my own breakthrough, I watched others move forward after one or two equine sessions.

~ Sara S.

There were several times during the session where I could sense the horses near even with my eyes closed, as they were emotionally and psychically connected to me. Once the session closed and I opened my eyes, I felt light in my heart and step.


Join me for an amazing experience that will allow you
to grow past your current challenges.

What are you waiting for?

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Humans in cooperation with Horses