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Colleen Tretton, LPC,SEP

Colleen Tretton, LPC, SEP
Prescott Therapist 


Welcome to my unique journey of exploration and transformation!

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Life has led me through diverse experiences, from being dubbed the 'Money Therapist' during my years as an accountant to teaching as a Special Education Teacher. It was in the realm of education that I found my calling as a counselor.

Motivated by my personal journey through trauma, I immersed myself in the transformative practice of Somatic Experiencing®. The profound healing I discovered fueled my desire to share this empowering process with the world.

Equipped with a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adams State University in Colorado, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my practice.

As a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Rapid Resolution Therapy Certification, and Karuna Ki Reiki Master Teacher, I am dedicated to holistic healing.

My commitment extends to and our local community through the Granite Mountain Psychological Society. I've honed a keen sensitivity that allows me to perceive nuances others might miss.


I take pride in cutting through masks to reach the core of issues.

I'm not just a counselor, I'm a passionate detective on your journey to healing.

Together, let's explore the depths

and embrace the transformation waiting for you!

The Process

1. Connection and Exploration: Our journey begins with a meaningful connection. In our initial sessions, I'll delve into your background and understand your therapy goals.

2. Understanding the Basics: The first couple of sessions are dedicated to exploring your background. I'll provide insights into the Somatic Experiencing® process and the intricacies of the nervous system. Together, we'll engage in practical exercises, focusing on orienting to the environment through the senses to establish a foundation of safety.

3. Safety First: Creating a safe space is paramount. I want you to feel secure as we delve into the therapeutic process. Safety is the key to preventing the system from becoming overwhelmed.

4. Your Well-being is Priority: Above all, I am here for you. My mission is to assist you in discovering and uncovering the true essence of YOU. Together, let's embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Welcome to the transformative journey!

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Happy Clients

This weekend was extremely healing for my daughter and myself. I was able to heal and work on past trauma. Being unconditionally accepted by the horse and
Colleen provided a safe place to release grief, trauma and rage.
Thank you for the healing experience and what you have created with Heart’s Desire.

— Jill S.

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